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“We chose hedspace because we needed to work with someone we trusted...who we knew could deliver.”
Paul Sanderson - CEO, Gen-A


The hedspace ethos is built around five core themes.

1. Work Ethic – We work hard to make sure that we keep our promises: to our clients, to our associates and to each other. We knuckle down to get the job done.

2. Community Spirit – We value community and are committed to being socially and ethically responsible in everything we do.

3. Performance and Presentation  - Our passion is good design. It’s what floats our boat. Our guiding philosophy is that good design drives good business. 

4. Continual Improvement – We never stand still. We invest in training and education to ensure that we’re always at the vanguard of contemporary design and business practice.

5. Honesty and Compassion – We believe in being upfront with our clients, investors and associates. This is how we plan our projects, solve any problems and keep everyone happy.