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Tresor Paris is a global fashion company specialising in crystal and diamond jewellery. They approached hedspace media to provide assistance with two main objectives…

1. Revamping their marketing and promotional materials for use with their existing diamond jewellery products.
2. Developing a launch campaign for a new range of colourful fashion watches.

For the first project, we produced a graphic illustration concept; creating a series of stylish, sophisticated characters to represent the lifestyle that Tresor customers aspire to. The typical target consumer is sexy, independent and fun. She looks great and she knows what she wants from life. For the ‘Splash of Colour’ watch project, we exploited our technical experience in developing graphic 3D models. Using graphic design software we created a vivid, vibrant set of images for billboard and point-of-sale promotions.

Our client was very happy with both productions. From the development of initial concepts to the presentation of final outputs, we worked closely with the client in order to understand the requirements and ensure we delivered what was required, on time. The jewellery campaign images were developed for magazine advertising and were animated for the client’s website. They also appeared in superlarge format on the side of the Tresor Paris promotional bus that tours London. The Splash of Colour watch campaign was so successful that the watches sold out on the first day of the trade show, exceeding the clients’ expectation by far.