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“A big thank you to Hedspace Media for being so professional.”

When music producer Steve Jervier asked hedspace to make a music video for his new girl band Primrose Hill we got very excited. (Steve’s an illustrious producer who’s worked with Take That, Boyzone, Eternal and Gabriel).

Obviously, new bands don’t come with Take That sized promo budgets so we were tasked with putting together the project with fairly limited means. We were fine with that. Because what we had, in abundance, was the infectious enthusiasm of Steve, the three girls (Micha, Rihanon and Evi) and our own video production team. Steve wanted the video to reflect the personalities of the girls – their youthful energy and sense of fun – with a bold feminine style.

hedspace managed the entire video shoot: securing location filming rights, storyboarding, art direction, styling, lighting, on-location services, filming and video production. The shoot took one day only, so the schedule was fast-paced and exciting. The girls – who’d never been in front of a camera before – took direction beautifully and gave great performances.

We produced the video at our in-house editing suite in our Hackney studio.

The professionalism of the team was blogged by the owner of Primrose Hill Books (one of the locations for the shoot):

“Over the years we have had many media folk in Primrose Hill, filming, photographing, doing what they do. Very rarely have they displayed the qualities of courtesy and consideration, which makes social interaction agreeable. So a big thank you to Hedspace Media for behaving so professionally”.