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Only Boys Aloud is a boys’ choir from the Valleys of South Wales. Established in 2010, the choir is made up of 140 boys aged between 14 and 19, from a wide range of backgrounds. The choir was conceived as a means to give these boys a chance to sing, build their self-esteem, develop confidence and keep out of trouble.

Sony Music approached us looking for concepts and materials for Only Boys Aloud promotional material and music packaging.

We developed a range of design options for consideration and Sony Music finally selected our photographic solution to be shot on location in Wales.

Our quest for a suitable setting took us all over South Wales but with some exhaustive scouting we were eventually rewarded with the magnificent Ironworks Museum in Blaenavon, which perfectly embodied the rugged beauty and industrial heritage we’d been seeking. (The site also provided facilities for the lads, the photographic team and everyone else involved in the shoot).

We teamed up with renowned photographer Paul Rider, famous for shooting The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Pet Shop Boys and Kaiser Chiefs.

Our planning and execution of the shoot had to be meticulous, since we had only one day to get press shots, an album cover and (with the help of 140 sets of woollen hats and scarves) a Christmas cover shot too. Paul’s production team worked superbly with the hedspace production team and despite limited daylight and unpredictable weather, everything went very smoothly.

And of course, the shots Paul captured were just fantastic.

hedspace then produced the final CD packaging, press shots, an advertisement campaign for the Welsh press and a national poster board campaign. Only Boys Aloud’s album ‘Only Boys Aloud’ was an instant hit and the single ‘Calon Lân’ went to number one on the iTunes classical singles chart.