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“Its about standing out in a crowd”

Live interaction with your product is one of the most effective ways of promotion, and the exhibition environment is a perfect medium for this. A warehouse sized room full of like-minded people looking for products /services similar to yours. Sounds perfect.

But making an impact in a crowded room can be difficult and expensive. Potential customer need to be attracted to you stand, have relevant brochures to take information away, and trust you are a creditable business.

We offer a full design and production service, that can provide you with all the marketing tools needed to professional present your business, without a massive bill at the end. Our strong relationships with printers & manufacturers allows us to offer completive priced promotional materials without compromise on quality.

Just think… you have over 20,000 potential customer waking past your stand over the duration of the show. If your average sales was £100 pound that would equate to £2million pounds. Isn’t it worth investing just £650.00 to ensure your stand gets the professional look..