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The Appco Group is a hugely successful direct marketing agency operating in over 23 countries.

Appco revolutionised face-to-face sales with their ‘Human Commercial’ programme; a system of marketing that harnesses the power of human communication to sell many leading brands.

Appco’s rapid growth generated a problem however. Their franchise model was fragmenting the Appco brand and making it difficult to manage. They were losing control of their brand identity and this was starting to become a worry. Independent market research indicated that the Appco brand was failing to keep pace with their operation.

In 2009, Neil was drafted to head a team charged with the mission to develop a cohesive new brand; one that could be implemented globally, that would reunify Appco’s fractured identity and promote their business, as a brand should.

At hedspace, brand strategy projects begin with in-depth talks. Neil interviewed each of Appco’s board members and key management personnel in order to get a sense of the company’s aspirations for their brand and the future of the company. Brainstorming and concept development followed, ideas were generated and a range of branding options – from conservative to groundbreaking –were presented to the board.

Once Appco made their selection, three teams were convened: Creative, Digital and Editorial. The Creative team appraised and revamped the design of the brand including graphic design and creation of a new logo. The Digital team overhauled and relaunched the website and set to work on a new phone app. And the Editorial team redrafted the news and editorial content of the company’s promotional literature.

As Creative Director, Neil project managed the three teams and in addition, oversaw the worldwide implementation of the brand strategy programme. He liaised directly with Appco representatives in each country to establish cultural and language difference and requirement, ensuring that the brand should be fit for global business.